The Pitch

I’ve been doing some research into conference prepping and have been especially interested in “the pitch.” It sounds like speed dating to me, which thankfully, I have some experience with. Not with dating, but with writers. Every residency at my college, we had “speed dating” sessions to chat with faculty to figure out who would best fit our needs and who was interested in our projects/style.

So anyway, I’ve been working on my pitch. I’ve been needing to for awhile. When people ask what my book is about, I still stammer (I always want to give the long version). We should be able to say in one to three sentences what our book is about.

Some advice says to think of the pitch as your book jacket blurb. I’ve also heard, however, that you ought to include the conclusion–but maybe that’s more for an actual synopsis than a pitch.

Your challenge? Write a pitch for your project!

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