Breaking Out

So, I have once again embarked, starting over, with Book One of the Epic Novel. :::sigh:::: The great thing is that I believe I have broken out of the shell of Drafts 9-11, aka, the drafts I wrote in high school. That had been the way the story went for so long that thinking of other ways it could go was difficult. I felt as though I were inside a ball, bouncing around, trying to get out.

Finally, I did (helped along mightily by the brainstorming session). I can’t remember what did it exactly. I’m getting along very slowly. I was frustrated last week as I wrote only five pages, and those on Friday. This week, things are moving along better, but slowly. However, the few pages I have written are good pages. The story feels more authentic to me now. I’m excited to see where it goes!

But I really don’t want to describe the military base again. Maybe I’ll just snag that paragraph from another draft. 🙂

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