Typical Characters, Part II

Over the past week or two, I have been noticing people who look different or seem different than the characters I usually write. I’m starting to feel excited about experimenting with characters other than the same ones I’ve always written. I know this will stretch me and that I will grow. I’m looking forward to seeing what this does. Soon, I will give myself a challenge. I’m just not sure what that challenge will be yet.

Here’s a challenge for you: notice the people around you who are people you might not normally befriend, people who are dissimilar to you. Imagine why they are the way they are–what is their motivation? What is their past? Try writing a couple of pages about that person, and just see what happens!

1 Comments on “Typical Characters, Part II”

  1. That's how my mind tends to work – trying to figure out why people are the way the are. I often do it without even realizing! I can often solidify things by talking about them – maybe I should try writing.

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