Sheepishly, she sneaks up to her computer and begins to write.

Ahem. So, yes, it’s been awhile. I have good reason though, namely massive upheaval in my personal life, of the most positive kind, but not conducive to regularly updating the blog. I have moved location and am now a full-time housewife, which translates to more time for writing and more flexibility in my schedule. With the holidays coming, I’m not sure how regularly I will post until next year, but I would like to post at least once a week.

I’ve realized that this blog is sort of a writer’s workspace for me, a place to vent my own feelings and to discuss things (in a monologue-ing kind of way). Writing this blog helps me to think. I guess it’s more of my writer’s journal than a blog. I hope, though, that my comments will be helpful to other writers in progress, and as my own development continues, I hope to become more and more useful.

So, here’s to regular updates from beyond the glass!

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