Space? Time? Continuum?

This packet period has been fun, exciting, challenging, and now, stressful. The first week, I was sick in bed, so I did most of my reading then. I tried a sampling of contemporary novels.

The next week, I did most of my writing. I’m working on a contemporary middle grade novel, and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I’ve got about 30 pages so far, and I’m still working on planning it out.

This past week, I did more writing and tried to get going on my essays. I have my topics and did some preliminary writing, but I have more research to do.

I’ve been working (job) more since I got back from residency, and that’s been eating into my school time. I’m also having trouble finding time and space to call my own for writing. I’m living in a house with three people whom I love. I enjoy living with them very much, but since I love them so much, I can get distracted. In order to really get into my writing mode, I need to have my own space. For now, I’m thinking of taking up residence at a nearby coffee shop.

This week, I have to buckle down on my essays, type my manuscript, and do a couple of odds and ends for the packet (my bibliography, a short two-page piece on my ideal reader, my packet letter, etc.). I have two afternoons of work and a day where I’ll be out of town, so I’m anticipating a few late nights.

I don’t know how people have full time jobs and do grad school at the same time.

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