The Start of My Second Semester

I’m just finishing the second-to-last full day of my second residency. This residency has been much more relaxed. Not as many people graduate in the winter, so I have fewer lectures from which to choose. That might sound like a bad thing, but if you knew how packed the summer residency was, you’d know this is a relief.

I have my adviser for the semester, and I am really excited. I think that my learning style will match her teaching style. I was able to express that style to her and that I am a visual person. She appreciated that as it will help us to get started.

I plan to start the semester writing a contemporary middle grade novel. My short story from last semester is my only attempt at contemporary fiction so far. I’d also like to try some poetry, if not to write it, then to learn how to read it.

I’m excited to get started, but I’m going to take the weekend off. I need a brake from the writing focus. I’ll probably update about once a month, as I did last semester. So, until then!

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