Writing is Hard Work

As hard as this semester has been, I think this packet period was the hardest. I felt overwhelmed. I think I realized how much work I have before I will become a good writer. I also realized that the first semester of my graduate school is nearly over, and I have not learned nearly enough! I need to buckle down and focus.

This was also a busy period for me. Friends from out of town come to visit, we celebrated my husband’s birthday, my work schedule was a bit hectic, and I got sick.

I am starting to feel more confident. I’m figuring out how to show motivation. I have made astounding progress with POV (if only I could keep it up!). I’m also getting more story ideas.

I love dreams. When I get stuck in a story, I often have a dream that unsticks me. I have had several such dreams the last few nights. Maybe being sick wasn’t such a bad thing.

Well, I hope to do better this coming packet period. I also have to get something ready for my workshop. I have an idea for a contemporary novel. We’ll see how well that works.

Until I write again (at the end of the next packet period?)!

P.S. “College Kids” by Relient K is an excellent song. 🙂

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