Handwriting vs. Computers

I’m finishing up my third packet right now, and I need a brake. I discovered where my writer’s block this packet period came from. I usually handwrite my stories, but I have to send typed versions to my mentor (so she can read them). The first packet period, I decided that I didn’t have enough time to handwrite the story and then type it up. So the second packet period, I just wrote straight into the computer.

This period, I found myself procrastinating a lot. I finally realized that I didn’t want to type my story straight into the computer. For one thing, staring at the computer too long hurts my eyes. (That’s one reason I’m so good at typing without looking at the screen. I used to unnerve my friends when they’d come talk to me while I was IMing. I’d finishing typing my IM while looking at them and listening to what they said. Ha ha, okay, I’m done with my sidetrack, and I typed the whole thing without looking!).

For another thing, I don’t like to be stuck at my computer. I like to go outside or sit on the couch or sit at the dining room table. And if I handwrite the draft, I can take it with me when I wait at the doctor’s office and other places. So, I have decided that no matter how much extra time it takes, I just have to handwrite first. Just another aspect of my love/hate relationship with technology.

Annie M.

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